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Homework Help: Orbiting Satellite.

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    I was hoping someone could check my work for me.

    A satellite is in circular orbit 600 km above the Earth's surface, where the free-fall acceleration is 8.21 m/s^2. Take the radius of the earth as 6400 km. Determine the speed of the satellite and the time required to complete one orbit around the earth.


    Radius from to center of the earth to the satellite is 600000 m + 6400000 m = 7000000 m.

    For uniform circular motion a = v^2/r, so v = sqrt(ar).

    v = sqrt(ar) = sqrt(8.21 m/s^2 * 7000000 m) = 7580.897 m/s

    d = rt, so t = d/r.

    t = d/r = (2pi * 7000000 m)/(7580.897 m/s) = 5801.727 s

    So with the correct number of sig figs velocity would be 7.58e3 m/s and the time required to complete one orbit would be 5.80e3 s.

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    Looks good.
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    Thanks Janus.

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