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Orbits around sun

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    Concerning this issue, I would like to introduce to you the architectonic approach on the structure of the celestial systems. It shows how an architect observes the laws of the cosmos. I am revitalizing an ancient but moral concept that was proposed by Pythagoras and Plato, about two and half milleniums ago. I am trying to give it hands and feet, the simplest mathematical ground. It is entitled:

    "Determining Planetary Spin and Musical Gravitation in the Spheres of Cosmic Systems of Perfect Numbers"

    It is published online at my web site www.fotouh.netfirms.com[/URL]
    its direct link:


    We attempt to establish the tectonic, but simple, mathematics of three indeterminate cosmic laws: the law of numbers, the law of music of the spheres and the law of spin of the celestial bodies. Pythagoras and Plato discussed morally the first and the second law. We prove tectonically that they are the three fundamental laws of the evolution of celestial systems and together form the musical theory of gravitation. Our theory is based on that numbers are originally physical systems; we propose the architectonic scenario of the evolution of cosmic-systems of numbers, e.g., atoms, solar systems, etc., using merely the thrust-method of a masonry arch. We attempt to prove that our solar system is tectonically the perfect number-28. Accordingly we formulate its set of tectonic equations concerning its architectonic transformation, its eleven hidden motions, its load bearing workability, its musical parameters, the spin of its planets, and the gravitation in its musical spheres.

    I hope that you find it worth reading it.


    Hossam Aboulfotouh, PhD
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    Welcome to Physics Forums Hossam Aboulfotouh!

    I have split this post of yours off into a new thread, and moved it to the Theory Development section of Physics Forums. You will see, if you read the guidelines, that speculative posts are frowned upon in the science sections of PF.
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    Thank you Nereid; the architectonic approach for understanding the structure and motions of cosmic systems does not report on the results of any experimental studies; however, it uses only the published astronomical data for supporting its theoretical hypothesis. It is an attempt to show that there are ancient theories that if supported mathematically may stimulate the thinking of the nowadays researchers in the field of astronomy and physics. These researchers, who have the ability and means of doing advanced experimental researches, may find any of these theoretical ideas worth testing it, using the advanced technology. An example, at the micro level, a PhD candidate may try to test the equation of the spin of the electron in a hydrogen atom (the orbiter of Bs1 in my text), during both the ready state and the sleeping mood. In my text, the ready state is when the system (atom) is not joined with other system and the sleeping mood is when the system is joined with other system. The work includes many seed theoretical ideas like this.

    I would prefer, if possible, to change the tittle of this thread into "the architectonic approach for determining planetary spin."
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