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Orchid Growing

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    I just went to an orchid show, and came home with one. Now I need some advice on how to grow it. I have it near a west facing window, and the person at the show recommended this one as one of the better ones for hot afternoon sun. I also have a humidifier and a fan set up to keep the humidity up and a light breeze on my plants. The name on the tag is "Odontocidium (Colmonara) Wildcat `Everlasting'". If anyone has any experience with this type, or orchids in general and would care to offer advice, I would be most appreciative.

    Thanks in advance.

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    This is one of ZapperZ's specialties!

    Basically, orchids are tropical flowers and one has to have the right amount of sunlight/light, moisture and growing medium to grow them - and should match the tropical environment in which they grow naturally.
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    Odontocidium grows epiphytic, which means that in nature, their roots are anchored in trees. Epiphyts can be very rewarding if you take special care of that, absolutely no soil, but some wood / bark pieces for the roots and a transparant glass pot, so the roots get light as well. Careful with water. Just a bit.
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    Transparent pot? I haven't read that anywhere else, I'll keep my eyes open and see if I can find one. Thanks for the suggestion.
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    Looks like I must be doing something right. Now we'll see if I can get it to bloom next year as well.

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