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Order and God among physicists

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    I read an article online several months ago (can't remember source) that reported a study with results showing that physicists are more likely to believe in God and immortality than biological scientists. I remember one possible explanation provided was that physicists see order and harmony on a level that is larger and more grand than biologists. Can anyone confirm or deny this? Would people out there claim this is a bogus explanation?
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    This might be it. I will look to see if i can find the link to the abstract.

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    "Biological scientists had the lowest rate of belief (5.5% in God, 7.1% in immortality), with physicists and astronomers slightly higher (7.5% in God, 7.5% in immortality)"

    To me, that's a statistically insignificant difference (5.5% versus 7.5%). One can hardly make any kind of rational argument that the OP is trying based on such a small difference.

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    Isn't the belief in a personal God referring to having faith in something like the Father in Christianity? If that's the case, i am surprised so many physicists (7.5%) believe in the Father, the talking snake that hands out fruit and in God being so tired that he takes a day off to rest after working hard for 6 days to create the universe.
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    They (if they were Christian) would probably be more Christian Liberalist. The other religions I'm not sure of the terms. Basically they have the ability to pick and choose which parts of the scripture they believe and don't believe yet maintain a faith in the God.

    I don't think that 5.5% to 7.5% is a major difference.
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