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Order (mathematica)

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    does anyone know how to find the order of a number in mathematica? all a google search turns up is ordering numbers :rofl:


    whoops, this should be in number theory

    and for those who were wondering, its MultiplicativeOrder[a,n]
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    matt grime

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    I don't understand. Isn't MultiplicativeOrder[a,n] precisely the thing you want? And you aren't finding the order of a number. You're finding the order of a number modulo n. A number does not have an order.
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    Just be careful how you use that function. If gcd(a,n)!=1 then it will crash.
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    matt grime

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    Why will it crash? Surely it verifies that a and n are coprime first (which is a trivial calculation).
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    yeah sorry for the confusion, I posted this and then realized it was in the wrong section and then finally found the command.

    btw if gcd(a,n)!=1, it just returns no output in Mathematica 6

    edit: yeah I misspoke, I should have said order of a number mod n, in my example a was the number and n was the mod.
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