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    I'm trying to schedule my courses for next semester and just wanted opinion on one thing.

    Phys 213 : Fluids & Thermal Physics
    Phys 214 : Waves & Quantum Physics

    Theses are 2 credits each and offered for half semesters each. The prereq for both is mechanics and E and M. WOuld taking them backwards have any negative impact.
    I was gonna take 214 the second half of next semester and then 213 the semester following that.
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    QM and Thermal didn't have any overlap that I can remember. It's nice to think about how they are both related, but they tend to deal with things differently, so I don't see any danger in it. Fluids and waves don't overlap with anything, either. Really cool stuff, but I don't see you getting confused or anything.
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    As Poop-loops said, at the 200 level there really is no overlap between thermal and basic quantum. If you were taking 400 level courses like statistical mechanics and advanced undergrad quantum, I'd say that you should take quantum before stat mech, since stat mech requires a decent knowledge of quantum. But any course called "physics 213" will likely deal wih calculating specific heats, gas pressures, etc., and won't require any knowledge of quantum. Fluid mechanics has very little to do with wave mechanics (there's some overlap, but any decent fluids course will cover what you need to know about waves), so you're good there too.

    Of course, make sure you at least run this by your advisor before taking advice from a couple of guys on the Internet who don't attend your school.
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