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I Order of derivatives

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    If v is of order δ, what is the order of ∂v/∂x and ∂2v/∂x2 ?
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    I have never seen those symbols used before but I think I understand the problem

    I believe that in this case you would have to take the differentiation power rule into account
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    What do you mean by "order"? Order is usually used in reference to derivatives, with dy/dx and ∂y/∂x being first-order derivatives, and with ##\frac{d^2y}{dx^2}## and ##\frac{\partial^2y}{\partial x^2}## being second-order derivatives.

    ##x^2 + 3x## is a polynomial of degree two, while ##t^4 - 3t^2 + 7## is a polynomial of degree four. So what do you mean by "v is of order δ"?
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    What does it mean to say that a function is "of order [itex]\delta[/itex]?
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    What if v is a derivative? So if δ were n, v would be an nth order derivative, making the other two...

    Sorry, only thing that makes any sense to me. Seems to be some sort of trick question.
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    Some context here from the OP would be helpful, although it's been a week since the question was posted, so we might never know.
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