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Organelle Functions

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    Hi, I am having trouble answering these 2 questions. I have already searched my book.

    First, which of the following cell components is not directly involved in synthesis or secretion?
    Smooth ER, Golgi Apparatus, Rough ER, or lysosome.
    According to my book (Campbell and Reece) they all seem to be involved in those processes.

    Second, The structural filament most actively involved in movement of molecules and organelles within the cell is the:
    intermediate filament, microfilament, microtubules, or all participate equally.
    I am unsure about this one because my book implies that all participate, but it does not imply that participation is equal.

    Please help I have my midterm this week and I want to be ready. Thanks in advance!
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    Lysosomes aren't involved in synthesis or secretion...

    They cause breakdown...

    Don't know about the second question...
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    The intermediate filaments and microfilaments have more of a role like a "skeleton" of the cell, giving it strength and keeping things in place. The microtubules have a more important role in the transport of molecules and organelles.

    here is a nice short overview:
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