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Homework Help: Organic Chem

  1. Sep 6, 2008 #1
    This is a question which i just want to make sure of..


    so this would be called butyne
    but can it also be called 1-butyne
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    is 1-butyne. The name butyne is ambiguous because it could refer to 1-butyne or 2-butyne (see below), which are different molecules.

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    alright suppose i was given hexene and i was told to draw it, i would assume the double bond is at 1, right
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    Yes Right, hexene means 1-hexene and the double bond either on the right or on the left of the structure { C(d.bond)CH2...etc) or (CH3...etc.....C(d.bond) }
    Only numbers over 1 are given to determine the location of the double and the triple bonds.
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    That's only a convention, and not a widely spread one. Whenever there is a risk of ambiguity, go for 1-somethingene, as it is much cheaper to add 1- each time on paper then to use incorrent reagent once.
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