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Homework Help: Organic chemistry help

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    organic chemistry help!!!!!

    how do i name a pentane with a double bond on one end and triple bond on the other end?


    if an octane has a double bond on one carbon and a phenyl group on another carbon . which should i start with first, the phenyl or the double bond?
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    Coumpounds with a double and triple bond take the ending -enyne, and the double bond receives lowest-numbering priority. Can you figure it out now?

    Second question: name the phenyl first.
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    I think the secind one is x-phenyl-octene.I'm noit sure about the first,though.My first guess would be 4,1-methynpentene,but i'm not sure...

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    I do not think you are correct about the first one...let's let the OP take a shot at it. Keep the ending I mentioned earlier in mind.

    The second one is correct except no dash b/w the two terms; should be x-phenyloctene, AFAIK.
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