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Organic chemistry nomenclature

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    What do the indices 6 and 13 stand for in 6,13-pentacenequinone?

    I know that is related to the position of the substituents in the molecule, but I cannot figure out how to interpret it.

    Can some one point me to a reference where the basics the nomenclature are explained?

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    This seems to cover it pretty well.


    We didn't cover things like this in O chem, but I can make a slightly educated guess, in hopes that someone more knowledgeable will come along.

    Edit: I did a bit more research and got it. The carbons are numbered atypically. Oh well, that's typical IUPAC for you, I suppose.

    The picture is now correct, showing that carbon 6 and carbon 13 are the ones with the oxygens attached.

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    Thanks! Now it is clear.
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