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Homework Help: Organic Chemistry

  1. Jan 20, 2008 #1
    [SOLVED] Organic Chemistry

    Which about benzene is true?

    1. It has alternating single bonds and double bonds.

    2. All C-C bonds are of the same length.

    3. It is more stable than a hypothetical cyclohexatriene.

    4 1 and 3

    5. 2 and 3

    I said 5, but it also has alternating single and double bonds so I am not sure. Can someone verify please
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    yes, second and third are right. Benzene doesn´t have alternating single and double bonds, it´s just a way of expressing the molecule. Some electrons, don´t know how many of them are delocalized in benzene so the bonds aren´t single nor double.
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    Thank you
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    C-C bond in benzene is somewhat midway between a C=C double bond and a C-C single bond.
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