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Organic chemistry

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    I have been searching like crazy for different and easier material on organic chemistry for higher level students on the net, but it's hard to find. I assume that there are knowledgeable participants on this part of the PF and I would like to ask if someone knows of a good link? :smile:

    Poisonous Thallium
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    What kind of stuff are you looking for? Reactions, principles, oxidations, physical organic observations, mechanisms, techniques?
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    I'm looking for explanations, definitions and principles. Figures would also be nice!
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    Such a site may exist, but generally explanations, definitions, and principles in organic chemistry are found in textbooks rather than online. Is your text not satisfactory? If not, and if you don't find a link, post any specific questions you have here and we will be happy to help you.
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    Allright. What I am having problems with is redox-reactions and titration. I have no specific questions. But my text book does not make it clear enough. I see only figures and numbers and that makes it difficult. I can't learn from numbers and figures. I learn from definitions, written explanations and instructions on how to calculate etc.
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    There are some useful links HERE .

    Give it a look.
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    if you yahoo O=chem you'll find a good site by that name(i like it anyway)
    it explains most of the basic organic principles
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