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Organic Chemistry

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    OK my question asks:
    Provide and briefly explain 3 examples of how organic chemistry can be used to improve existing products and thus provide solutions to newly identified health of environmental problems.
    I am having trouble thinking of these. I got one so far which is unleaded instead of leaded gasoline.. but can someone help think up 2 more.. I can do the work on it on my own like finding how it can improve. Just cant think of examples.
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    wasn't this already posted as a thread, with many responses?

    im not so sure about unleaded fuel, increased aromatics have raised the levels of fuel carcinogens especially in countries where emissions and fuel refining are not up to standard with the US and Europe. the problem is that in places like Latin America, the automotive exhaust systems are often times an afterthought and do not function. a non-functioning catalytic converter is much worse for unleaded fuel than leaded fuel. it's also since been realized that leaded fuel is not as bad as they thought it was.

    as for other improvements of organic chemistry:

    a) recycleable polymers. (not needing to cut down trees for all of our materials).
    b) safer pesticides (more specific to insect pathways than human) thus leading to increased crop production and less hunger.
    c) natural products organic chemistry - countless medicines have been isolated or synthesized from them. tetracycline, penicillin, taxol, aplidine, etc.
    d) medicinal chemists are also now investigating the next generation of antimalarials: http://www.mcgill.ca/reporter/36/07/bohle/
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