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Organic electronics?

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    What is the real future of this technology? Is it potentially the next revolution. It seems very intriguing and I am tempted to purchase a couple texts on the subject and work through them over the next few months.


    This may be something I would like to study in graduate school. What is your opinion on this subject? It's amazing that this technology will allow us to print active circuitry on paper. For instance, TVs that you can roll up when you're not using them, or signs or postersthat can be printed.

    I'm a double major in EE and physics with a minor in chemistry, and I have taken a decent amount of organic chemistry. This might be a great field for me to get into based on my interdisciplinary background. I thought much of organic chemistry was quite interesting and this seems to be a fascinating application of this field.
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    I've read a few papers on organic (OLEDs) electronics for a professor whose research was focused on that area at the time. It was pretty interesting. To be honest, I don't remember much about it, but I can look up the papers if you want and give you the titles.
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    I've read a couple of papers myself. I found it quite interesting.
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