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Homework Help: Organic ion with charge -3

  1. Oct 23, 2015 #1
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    I can't seem to see how an organic ion with charge -3 is formed. I thought an organic ion will always have a charge of -1? Like sodium ethoxide CH3CH2CO-Na+ ?
    I know that Na can only react with alcohols and carboxylic acids, so B and D are probably out, though B has carboxylic acid grp and D has alcohol grp in it..
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    Why? What is a charge of the anion in disodium oxalate? Trisodium citrate?

    You are looking for a compound that has a single proton acidic enough to be neutralized by NaOH, and three protons that can react with Na. You are right about B & D being out.
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    -2 and -3 :biggrin: sorry I didn't know about this, now that I've know now...we have to find a compound that has three functional groups that can react with Na right? Which is A or C. But since they say J reacts with NaOH (aq) to produce an organic ion with -1 charge, which means there should only be 1 -COOH grp, so ans. is C
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