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Organic Rankine Cycle

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    Hey I am new to this forum and I am looking for any pointers about my ORC before I start it up? I made an ORC in my garage with two Swep heat ex-changers, one B35 and one B10 (used but flushed). I have hooked up 3 (used) hot water heaters to the B35, 40 gal each with 4.4 kW elements in them, for my Q in. (A relative, who is an electrician, wired this system up for me.) I am using R-134a as the working fluid. I have a 1kW turbine and a 2 GPM (3/4 hp) pump for the working fluid side. For the heat sink or heat dump, B10, I hooked up a water fountain cooler to save on wasting water. I am about to ad freon and wanted to know if there are suggestions on how much I should ad in lbs? I have a 30 lb. tank. I also have a mass flow meter just before the pump for the refrigerant side and some temp and pressure gauges set up throughout the system. I am controlling the three pumps with three older but working VFDs for the pumps as well. This is mostly and analog set up. I am going to diesel mechanic school and my cousin who also goes there told me about this system. I had to make my own…thanks for any pointers! Oh and the system has been evacuated too. I am expecting to get 1 kW out of the turbine.
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    I have no idea, but I'd enjoy seeing some photos of this setup you have!
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