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Organization of Website Tutorials Please.

  1. Jun 26, 2005 #1
    Was wondering if any of you could provide me and a buddy good websites/tutorials for organizing large websites(large # of files with the same layout ie using css, not the simple stuff you see on like some faculty websites). We want to make a science websites for various projects we want ot pursue ie MEMS/Physics Sims and ALife/Neuropsych. 1-2yr years ago i learn to use frames...and well the layout is ok but is there and easier way...especially with typing information on to the website or will it always look like [] [/] cluttered through out the code?
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    I would recommend that you build your website using php, it is great for reducing the number of lines that you write. Every time i rewrite my website I do less and less coding. You can visit www.themodule.net to check out the layout, and you can find out how anything works by asking in the forum. As you would see Only yesterday I put up version 5 and although its a resource website like yours the library is empty.
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