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Organizational Software

  1. Apr 26, 2003 #1
    I didn't want to post this in the technology forum, because I doubt anybody will respond and I didn't think it was necessary to boost my post count on a thread that won't be discussed...now...

    I was wondering if anybody could help me with finding a program that would help me organize, here is what I want to use it for:

    I want a program that organizes notes on Herbs, included in the notes is a description of the herb, origin, how to use, its uses, and a picture of the herb. The problem is, I also want to be able to organize the herbs by uses, origin, and things such as good for flu, liver damage, etc. I also want to be able to organize by the usual means of alphabet. Also a tree-type diagram of all the herbs would be nice, but not mandatory.

    I have looked and downloaded many many programs, but I just can't seem to find anything that is good.
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