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Organized and unorganized

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    Is there "unorganized development" in an evolutionary process ?

    If there weren't, how could you define something "oganized enough" to fit the evolutionary parameters (fitness, mutation, elitism, ...) ? Or that "organized" should be absolute ?

    I really doubt and would like to learn how a credit is deliver to unorganized development ?

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    What do you mean by credit ?
    Credit isnot or never I do believe as always, delivered to unorganized development, or else it is the exposition of the retarded force against the obstacles, the food net is assumed to be at equilibrium point or some species will come to extinction. If there is any of such a delivery then that would be forceful in the animal kingdom or traps to catch the food source.
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    jim mcnamara

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    Do you mean 'random process' sometimes called stochastic process?

    Yes, the events in evolution are random, but not in the exact sense you probably use to mean random.

    Here is a discussion meant for students about evolution as an emergent process:
    http://beyond.asu.edu/papers/woolf.pdf [Broken]

    It explains what I think you are asking.
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    Yes, that what i am talk about

    thank you
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    I think you have been looking for an improved version of predator-prey model

    Seriously, except simple host-parasite ones, I know of any not. OK good luck and sorry for the wrong ideas.
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