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Homework Help: Organoclay-polymer interactions

  1. Jun 8, 2008 #1
    If the polarity of the organoclay sufficiently matches the monomer or prepolymer,it will intercalate into the galleries,futher spreading clay layers apart.For long chain onium-exchanged organoclays,the galleries swollen by these precursors show a d-spacing indicative of a paraffin monolayer arrangement.
    This is what I read from an article.I got some questions to ask
    1.I would like to know more about Organoclay-polymer,what is it actually?
    2.What is "the galleries" which mentioned in the passage means?
    3.What is d-spacing?
    Thank you!
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    Organoclay is a clay that has been modified by a surface active agent or by an organic molecule or by a low molecular weight polymer.

    Clays are usually sheet like inorganic materials like aluminosilicates that can have metallic ions or solvent molecules occupying the space or gallery between the sheets. Stuff that finds its way into these interlaminar spaces or galleries are known as intercalating agents or exfoliating agents.

    The space between layers will give you a characteristic spacing depending on the nature of the size of the metal or solvent or intercalating agent between the clay layers. In X-ray analysis this chacteristic distance is reported as a d-spacing. You can think of intercalated clays as flat sheets of stuff separated by 'pillars' of metals or some other agent. I've seen it also as 'pillared clays' when large diameter metal ions are used to space the layers.
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    Thank you!You help me a lot.
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