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Organometallic Chemistry -- Multistep synthesis question

  1. Jan 12, 2015 #1
    1. Question
    Start with a organometallic (Benzene)M(Co)3see picture below) and React it with R- to get A, Then react A with I2 to get B and react A with H+ to get C. What is A,B and C?
    3. Attempt at answering the question.
    I am not sure about the hapticity of Benzene. ? But i am prety sure that the first step is a Nucleophilic addition. Where R adds to the Metal, but i am not sure if one CO ligand will leave first or not.

    I am more unsure about where the protonation will occur in C and I can not for my life figure out what B will be when A are reacted with I2. Sorry for the little information but i am desperate and do not know what else to write.
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