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Homework Help: Oribital Radius

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    How do you find an orbital radius of an object around earth with its mass and Orbital Period?
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    Awsome, thx man. Some of these equations ive never seen before help alot lol
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    Never doubt the power of Mr.Google! :tongue2:

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    Kenetic/Potential Energy

    When an object eaves the surface of the ground with a certain amount of Kenetic Energy and reaches a max height what does the Potential energy equal to?

    I know the equation Ep = -Gmm/r but the question says it leaves the surface with 15 J of Kenetic energy.
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    When it reaches a max height, what happens to the kinetic energy?
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    It equals 0?

    Does that mean potential energy is equal to it? or negative?
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    The potential energy at its max height is equal to the amount of kenetic energy the object has just after it leaves the ground
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    What about in orbit? How do you solve for Ep when you have Ek if you know the acceleration due to gravity and the mass?
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    In orbit with constant velocity? or is it accelerating? In space, there is no acceleration due to gravity because there is no gravity.
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    Its orbiting the earth, and is at a point where gravity is equal to .233 m/s²
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    I believe the equation you're looking for is:
    Gravitational Potential Energy U = mg ( yf - yi ) = mg y

    However, I'm not quite sure what you're asking
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