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Orientation Week

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    Hello. I just wanted your input on orientation week (frosh week). For those that attended, was it worth it? And for those that didn't, what reason motivated you not to?
    And yes I know its a rather silly forum question.
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    I got my higher education on a rather unusual path, so my experiences aren't relevant to this question. But my daughter transitioned to college in the more traditional way. She attended orientation and it was quite helpful, because on day 1 she new several people around campus already, she knew where and when she could find food, and she knew where the bathrooms were. It helped her feel quite at home.

    She also attended an unofficial welcome ceremony called Disorientation. It was sponsored by the campus Socialists. Now that was, erm, interesting :bugeye:.
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    I didn't go to orientation. I had to turn in some documents at the university before I started attending, so when I went to the campus, I explored where my classes were and where other stuff is. Plus I had an hour between classes to walk around checking everything out. I knew I'd eventually figure everything out on my own.

    I wish I had talked to an adviser, though, because I ended up taking a class I didn't need.
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    10-15% learning where things are on campus. The rest, generally, is meeting new people under various school-oriented circumstances. At least that's how my school was.
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