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Origin in linux

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    So, I've heard from several people that Origin is used as a spreadsheet alternative in the scientific community.

    It seems to be a proprietary software (baah) and I couldn't find anything about a native linux solution so I ask:

    Do you use Origin in Linux? If so, how do you do it? Wine? VM?
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    Spreadsheet for Linux? Open Office? Libre Office?
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    If you want something that can calculate better than a spreadsheet, can graph better, is far less resource hungry, and has no start-up overheads like compiled languages, try R, together with a graphic front end like RStudio. It's available on Linux, Mac, Windows etc, is free and is tremendously powerful. These days I rarely ever use spreadsheets. I just leave an RStudio window open and do any quick calcs I want in that, as well as more weighty programming like generalised linear modelling and Monte Carlo simulation.
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