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Origin of 4-momentum - Hisorical Ref.

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    I've been dealing with the 4-momentum for too many years without knowing its origin. I'm seeking the physics literature reference to the actual article/text which this item first appeared in relativity. This I hope will give me the person's name, the year and the motivation and actual historical definition. Thank you.

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    Wasn't it in Einsteins "Zür Elektrodynamic der Bewegter Körper" ?
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    I believe it is Minkowski's "Space and Time" (p. 87 in the "The Principle of Relativity" collection)
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    And in english that means.......

    robphy - YES! That's it! Thank you very very much. I've been trying to determine that for a very long time. Thanks.

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    One the electrodynamics of moving bodies, the original 1905 SR paper...

    I re-read it, and I was mistaken, he does not mention four-vectors there. :redface:
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