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Original Bell article with the proof of his inequality Is necessary.

  1. Feb 17, 2004 #1
    Bell J.S. Physics. 1964,1,195.
    Whether is not present at somebody?
    Whether is it possible download it somewhere ?

    There is interesting to my what purpose had Bell, proving an inequality. Is it to deny a quantum mechanics? I hope, that from this article it will be possible to gather the answers to these (and similar) questions.

    My e-mail: lesha74@rambler.ru .
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    thanks a lot, Dr.Chinese, for putting it up at your webpage...i got it from there...and the EPR and aspect papers too... through google search!

    the original argument is there in Griffith( Intro. to Quantum Mechanics),though the paper as such is not there...the argument there is the same as in the original Bell's paper posted at your site
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