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Original formulation of Newton’s principles

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    Help is needed… I’m looking for original formulation of nature’s principles given (written) by Newton (of course, one we now call Newton laws), I have some kind of translation, but it seems unnatural (if you know what I mean :)).

    I was google_ing, but I haven’t found them.
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    His original publication was "Principa Mathematica" Something like that....is that what your looking for?
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    I believe Newton's original work was written in Latin; Latin always sounds strange when translated to English. You can spot a Latin translation a mile away. The words will be in a different order then what you would expect to find today, and it often will sound awkwardly verbose.

    If you found some of his work that sounds pretty funky, chances are its straight from the original translation.
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    There are literally hundreds of web pages with Newton's Laws quoted. Google with the following phrase

    "uniform motion in a right line" newton

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    Yeah, krab something like that.It just seems I used wrong keywords.

    Yes I’m referring on Principia Mathematica, but in those links they have something like Latin to English translation of tree laws, and as much as I remember from some translation I had, Newton formulated his thoughts in 5 principles, which could be reduced to his III laws, and I cant find that… Thanks anyway…
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