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Original papers

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    I have just read that Schrödinger had wrote six research papers ( in 1926) in which he presented the complete mathematical foundation of nonrelativistic quantum mechanics . Also read that De Broglie supported his proposal (the duality) by a proof derived from relativity theory . Are these original papers and derivation available some where on the web ( No matter english or german)

    Thank you in advance for any help !
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    Here, there is a site where you have to pay
    http://www.essaytown.com/topics/louis_de_broglie_essays_papers.html [Broken]
    But I think it is much better to buy de Broglies book on QM rewritten somewhere in the sixties.

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    Thank you for help , but I think this is a site to help students in making research papers , but doesn't offer the papers written by scientists.
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    Upps, seems I was too quick. :blushing: But his book ``non-linear wave mechanics : a causal interpretation'' contains much more than and includes his first papers from the period you were looking for (I have it myself and can recommend it for sure).

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    That's it ! I'll look for it . Many thanks!
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