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Original QM sources

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    Agree with DeepQ on the use of original sources to clarify basic concepts. (See spin thread.) It is hard, though, to find some of them in English. Any suggestions for such an older textbook?
    Any suggestions (journals OK) for English translations of de Broglie's thesis, and for Schrodinger's and Heisenberg's seminal papers?
    Any suggestions as well for early papers on the measurement problem? Thanks.
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    Quantum theory and measurement,
    Wheeler and Zurek,
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    I'd like to point out that Schrodinger's "seminal" paper is exceptionally hard to read. One of the problems with reading original material to understand "basic concepts" is that, when they were first discovered, they were not so basic. Many of the original papers are very difficult to read and understand, partially because the discoverers didn't have the advantage of twenty+ years of research looking at it, and partially because the notation and language used in the 1930s is different from that used even in the 1950s and definitely by the 1960s.

    If you're still curious, Schrodinger published an English translated paper in Physical Review 28 in in 1926. That's the extent of my references there.
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    Translated De Broigle thesis
    http://www.ensmp.fr/aflb/LDB-oeuvres/De_Broglie_Kracklauer.pdf [Broken]

    The initial Heisenberg/Born papers are translated in:
    Sources of quantum mechanics. Edited with a historical introd. by B.L. van der Waerden.

    The Schroedinger papers(not sure if the initial one is there) in:
    Collected papers on wave mechanics / by E. Schrödinger ; translated from the second German edition.
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    Thanks. Will keep an eye open for other suggestions.
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