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Original Star Wars!

  1. Sep 17, 2006 #1
    anyone gonna buy it? i mean, it's the ORIGINAL THEATRICAL CUT ON DVD!! i already got a new hope, and i mean to have empire by saturday.

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    I'm still holding out for the box set of all six episodes...they have to do it eventually!
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    I prolly won't buy it, but I will watch my sons copy:rofl:
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    This is a poor quality rip-off at best. It's Lucas' attempt to get the fans off his back about releasing the versions he wishes he never made. By releasing this laserdisc copy onto DVD, he can say he's given us what we want and point out that nobody bought it, when what we wanted in the first place was the original movies in the same quality and aspect ratio we've seen them in before. Which this most certainly is not.

    ...Sorry, you should never mention this topic in front of Star Wars fans. ;)
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    now why would you want episodes I II and III? they were awful
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    I'm waiting for a fixed version of Episode 3.

    In Episode 6, just after Obi-Wan tells Luke he has a twin sister, Luke figures out it's Leah, and a bit later, asks Leah if she remember her "real" mother. Leah responds "yes but she died when I was young". To fix Episode 3, instead of changing the time line and killing off Padme, they should come up with a good reason for why Padme chooses to go with Leah and not Luke when they split up the twins just after birth (not too difficult, as Luke will be with relatives, his uncle).

    Then again, one of the worst parts of Espisode 3 is when Obi-Wan states he has the "higher ground" in the battle against Darth Vader, as if this ever made a difference in any light saber fight before or after this scene.

    Short time to the dark path, Annikin Skywalker decides to side with Darth SIddious during the Siddious's fight with Mace Windu, and minutes later is slicing and dicing the future Jedi pre-school kids. Lack of gore, why don't we get to see sliced and diced kids, since when do light saber "wounds" not involved severed limbs?

    Why couldn't Darth Vader have sliced up Jar Jar Binx?
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