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Original Theory of Time Travel(when I was four seven years ago)

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    Time Travel isn't really TIME Travel, but, more so, "World" Travel, because "Time" is non-existent.

    A Black Hole or a Wormhole is a gaping hole into another "world", and a "Time" Machine just lets you physically pass through one of those. Since I don't know ANY Physics(well, except Thermal Energy and the 3 laws of Newton), I can't elaborate...All I can say is the amount of "worlds" passed through is somewhat like this equation.

    Let a=Speed of Light
    2a=2 "worlds" passed through, 3a= 3 "worlds" passed through, etc.
    (by the way, the Speed of Light is my base for speed/velocity measurements)

    Asral Projection, on the other hand, sends your body through the path of "Time" that your "world" is going by currently. There are more variables by every second you go, because things can be changed.

    Astral Projection keeps you on your own "Time"line, and is indefinite, but goes to the future.

    "Time" Travel sends you into another "world", in which what is happening is in the present for that "world", but not for yours...The other "world" has a different Timeline, but there are many more.

    Let's take this...
    Let a=If my foot goes to sleep(interesting )
    Let b=If my foot doesn't go to sleep
    Let n=numbness, any number greater 0 and less than 100%.

    For every b there is a possible n up to an a
    b/x~(n to a)/x

    Personally, I would do Astral Projection, and if it looks bad in the near future, I would "jump"(go between "worlds") to another world...And take my family with me.

    Don't mind this, I'm still young...If only I could experiment with the Steven Gibbs Time Machine, and do what the GREAT Dr.Einstein did with his mice...

    Oh well...I know this is crazy, but tell me what is crazy about it please!
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    Pretty good for four! You obviously had a rich intellectual environment. What have you learned now at 11? Are you interested in math and physics?
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    Well, when I was four, I built legos and slept...Not very intellectual if you ask me...

    I am VERY interested in Quantum Mechanics and Particle Physics...Same with Math, which I have excelled to the maximum level(High School course II), and Science, which the highest is Physical Science...
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