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Original works

  1. Apr 17, 2007 #1
    I was trying to find the orginal works of laplace and grassman, but could not find them. Well I found some on amazon but they were permanently out of stock. So I ask you, where in the world can I find them?

    Also are there any other good texts that you'd liek to recommend(I speak fluent french)?
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    Are you specifically asking about old texts written by the masters?

    Riemann's most popular papers are easy to find on the internet, but they're incomprehensible to mere mortals. Personally, I have been wanting to read Euler's calculus book.
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    Yes that's what I'm referring too.
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    You might get "God made the integers", edited by Stephen Hawking.

    This is a collection of original classic texts, from Euclid to Alan Turing.
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    Isn't it called, "God created the integers"? :redface:
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    ISBN 0-141-01878-X
    on my copy
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