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Orion and comet Lovejoy Q2

  1. Mar 22, 2015 #1
    Captured these two images from my trip to Arizona Feb 2015. I shot Orion in wide=field as a piggyback on my scope set up....Canon 550d,f/5.0,436 secs,ISO3200, kit lens at 36mm.

    For Lovejoy I shot through my 6 inch newt at ISO 800,for 300 secs guided.

    IMG_9479 - Copy (2).jpg LOVEJOY.jpg
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    The lovejoy photo is well, lovely!
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    nice pix :)

    you are just starting to see Barnard's Loop in the Orion pic
    with a little processing you could probably really make it stand out :smile:

    great Lovejoy pic too

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    thanks Dave
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    the thing about my processing skills so far is I have a tendency of stretching it out too far and then do not know how to fix the background...I will keep trying though.thanks for the compliment :smile:
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