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News Orion launch discussion

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    There have been several delays due to wind speeds exceeding 25mph. The first delay was due to a sailboat within range of the launch site.

    Edit: New launch time set for 8:26 am.
    Orion transfer to internal power.

    Edit: LOX Fill drain valves didn't cycle to closed. Another hold.
    About an hour left in the launch window.

    Edit: Recycling of valves was succesfull, awaiting more information regarding launch time.

    Edit: Still standing by, 2 of the fill and drain valves still need to be fixed.

    Edit: They are going to pressurize all 3 CBCs to 35 PSI for two minutes, then vent down and try the cycling again.

    Edit: New launch time set for 9:44 am. This will be the final attempt.

    Edit: Launch scrubbed for today
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    Scrubbed for today. Next try will be Friday.
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    Question for the community:
    Is there a resource online for acquiring NASA Orion launch data? More specifically, does NASA provide the nadir-point (by which I mean, the point on the Earth nearest to the craft) data with time? It seems like a great data set.
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    Doug Huffman

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    I don't know which launch complex was used. They are on Google Earth.

    Apollo 16 was on the launch pad 39-A when I swam from Port Canaveral to the launch site with a swimmer friend. The AP were not sympathetic and made us swim back the way we came, a ten mile day.
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    Truly a great day for a vehicle that may never fly a crew.
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    Astronaut’s-Eye View of NASA’s Orion Spacecraft Re-entry
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