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Homework Help: Orthogonal Matrices

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    I've got a question regarding orthogonal matrices. I am given an orthogonal matrix M, and a symmetric matrix A. I need to prove that (M^-1)*A*M is also symmetric (all of the matrices are n x n). I know that for an orthogonal matrix, its inverse is equal to its transpose. Can anyone give me some hints on how to begin this proof?
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    It seems to me that the obvious first thing to do would be to look at the transpose of (M^-1)*A*M.
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    Thanks for the tip. I believe the transpose of that matrix would also be (M^-1)*A*M, since (AB)^T = B^T * A^T. And if a matrix equals its own transpose, doesn't that make it symmetric?

    Well, I guess that in my commentary, I've accidentally solved the problem. Thanks.
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    Don'cha hate when that happens!
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