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Orthographic drawing aid!

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    am bit confused...years since I have reviewed orthographic drawings...I have a hollow cylinder (say a pipe with inner & outer diameter) and I want to add 6 L-Shaped welds to its bottom to be able to weld it to a plate.

    I cannot figure out how to draw a blueprint for the same for the machinist (Top,Side, sectional views) . Can anyone guide me on how to draw it? Dimensions could be changed and are not important now...I just need to understand the concept.

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    Easiest way is to look at a real object like a coffee cup from each of the 3 directions and think what you can see.

    It might also be useful to google some examples for 1st or 3rd angle projection depending which your country uses.
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    L shaped welds? In this case you would probably be looking at fillet welds. A side view with a proper weld symbol is all you would need. The example uses the "2-4" notation to indicate the length and pitch dimensions of the weld. The only thing you would need to add is the "all around" symbol to the weld symbol.

    http://www.unified-eng.com/scitech/weld/filletstitch.gif [Broken]
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    Note that in the picutres Fred posted, the weld dimensions being located above the line indicate the "opposite side" of the joint, compared to where the arrow is pointing. If you have numbers above and below the line, that indicates welds on both sides of the joint.
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