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Orthonormal wavefunctions?

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    Given 2 wavefunctions with respect to (r,theta,phi)...

    To prove that the functions are orthonormal, you would let the first w.function = Y(psi) and the 2nd = Y* (psi star), then you would integrate --> SY*Y dr dtheta dphi (integral of psi* times psi) dr dtheta dphi.

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    yeah, over a whole period, or the appropriate bounds.
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    That looks like the wrong measure for spherical polar coordinates.
    I would have expected something like:
    \int_0^{2\pi} d\phi \int_0^\pi \sin\theta \; d\theta \int_0^\infty \bar f g \, r^2 dr
    where f,g are functions of [itex]r,\theta,\phi[/itex].

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