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Ok, so a while ago I broke my arm and I had to have metal plates and screws put on my ulna and radius. My doctor told me that in theory, my forearm can break more easily with the hardware inside me. I'm interested in learning more about the theoretical physics behind orthopedic hardware making the bones more vulnerable to fractures. Does anyone know much about this topic? It's difficult finding information about this on the Internet.

I'd figure I'd give it a shot asking on this forum since I get no responses on the medical websites that I've tried. :-(

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One suggestion would be to ask your doctor where you can obtain more information.
Seriously. I've done it(for different reasons)
Here's the nice part... you don't have to schedule another appoinment to do this. Just call and talk to the nurse, who will then talk to the doctor, and the nurse will get back to you. No charge!
Be specific. Ask for an online site.

Just some thoughts...

Edit. And here's a couple sites that might help you: