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  1. I would like to buy a USB HDD, e.g http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Transce...lack/3930191.p?id=1218443230635&skuId=3930191
    but my experience with USB HDD is limited after one USB HDD (LogicGate) of mine failed to re-operate suddenly and I lost all of my data; and I have never tried out any more USB HDDs since then.

    Do you have any advice for me in using a USB HDD to store an OS and have it booted from there ? Like normal lager HDs in most desktop computers ?
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  3. A USB hard drive is invariably an ATA drive of some kind in a case with a USB adaptor. If you know what kind of drive is inside the case, its reliability will be the same in a USB case or inside a desktop case. The only difference is that the extra step of going through USB will likely limit the speed of the drive.

    Is this USB 2 or 3? Is it a 3.5 inch drive, or 2.5? If 2.5 or smaller, is it bus powered?
  4. Thank you :biggrin: it is USB 3 (2.5" sold at $89.99)
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    This will work for Mac's, but for Windows, it is not usually done to try to boot from USB drives.
  6. PCs can't boot from USB? Seriously? I'm actually booting from USB 2 right now due to a busted firewire port. System runs fine, but I assume things could be faster.
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    I didn't say it wouldn't work--but the USB drive's version of Windows probably only works with that particular CPU and hardware. Whereas with a Mac, for example, you could take it to another computer and still use it to boot from. Given that USB drives are often slower, I would not recommend it as a way to boot Windows.
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