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OS help

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    I have been using Windows Me for all these years, ignoring all the viruses, error messages, etc..., only Slackware saved me from throwing the computer into the wall. This past week, Win Me has completely given up, meaning as soon as I log on to Windows, it gives tons of error messages, overloads, and then gives the blue screen of death. So, my first initial reaction was to purchase Windows XP, but I wonder if XP will do the same thing as Me did.

    I am no expert at Linux, but I can manage my way around it fine. I don't play any games on the Windows partition right now that can't be played on Linux and mplayer covers most of my media needs. Should I take the plunge and get rid of windows completely leaving only Slack and FreeBsd or should I pay the money and get Windows XP?
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    Stick with Linux. If you install XP a lot of your problems will go away, but Windows is Windosw IMHO. No telling when and how the next virus will attack, there's a new Windows plague every week you know. With Linux you have security through obscurity---or rather security through a sound design.
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    I'd say drop Windows. XP has its own share of problems and will require the same, if not more, effort to secure.

    Maybe you could use the Windows partition to play with other GNU/Linux distros -- perhaps Ubuntu, a good, easy desktop distro?

    Spend more time in GNU/Linux and it'll become easier and more useful. This sounds like a good opportunity to take advantage of, since you don't seem to have any specialty needs tying you to Windows.

    Good luck. :smile:
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    Oppose windows, get a pirate version of XP :biggrin:

    -- AI
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    Go with Windows XP

    Antivirus program and spybot and adaware se is all you need. I've gone years with XP and never a virus. I'd say probably 99% of all viruses and problems with windows XP is human error or laziness. Download from reputable sites, never download exe's through p2p, never click in an email, thats it :)
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    Linux is all you need. Forego the anti-this, and spybot that, and cpu cycle waste because windows ties is graphical API to the core OS thus opening more doors into your data creating the need for virus protection.

    Linux isn't hack-proof, but it is script-kiddie proof. Oh, and with Linux you can open all the e-mails you want. You don't have to live in fear of a getting a virus from reading the e-mail header (you don't need to open e-mails to get a virus). If you do stick with MS don't use Outlook please. Get pegausus mail or something like that. Outlook is the main source for trojans and other bugs spreading through the net.

    Good luck.

    One last thing. If you have a few days and want to really get acquainted with Linux you might consider Gentoo. The documentation is really good. Print it out and follow the procedure. You'll have a fast (one of the fastest Linux systems from the start) system, and it's not as hard as some would lead you to believe.
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    If you reeeeeeeeeaaaaaallllly want to stick with linux. Then go to
    Get through all the distros available. Their plusses and minuses of each distro are all listed in the site. Linux means choice and choice means having what you want. Go with the one you like and think is best.

    I am personally using Fedora Core 3. Its slow and drags sometimes. Why do i use it? It comes with a lot of packages that i want to work with and also it has got good support base. The point i am trying to make is, i chose an OS that fits my requirements and you are better off choosing something that fits your bill.

    -- AI
    P.S -> Now the question whether to go only with linux. Thats upto you. I have 3 OSes on my system 1. Fedora 2.Win98 3.Win2k3 . My choice of these OSes was purely on the basis of what i would use for what. I have my personal "learning" reasons for installing fedora. I use win98 for gaming and internet surfing, i dont mind if it gets hit by viruses. It has nothing i work with. Win2k3 holds all the app i work and which are windows only (or dont have any good alternate linux app). Now, i had this configuration for years (Initially i had winXP instead of win2k3 and win2k before winXP). This config seems to work well for me.
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