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OS X to displace Windows?

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    With Apple's move towards Intel processors there has been a lot of specualtion about the eventual outcome of this venture. Well, if M.Dell has anything to say---according to the Forbes article below---then we might just see stand-alone copies of OS X right next to the virus monster known as Windows on store shelves beginning in 06.

    As a Mac lover(the hardware is slick and the OS is top notch) I'd drop the $129 for OS X versus the $369 for Xp professional. I made the comparison between XP pro and OS X because XP Home does not feature the same level of features as OS X. Who knows, maybe Apple would enforce a stepped system like Windows for multiprocessor systems.

    Anywho, I thought this was interesting none the less.
    http://www.fortune.com/fortune/fastforward/0,15704,1072719,00.html [Broken]


    [edit] originally used 499(a bit of hyperbole) as the price for XP pro. Changed.
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    There are a couple things wrong with your agrument.

    1) Windows XP Professional is $199.
    2) Most users use the $99 Home Edition because thats all they need.
    3) You are not considering the price of the hardware. If Apple locks the OS to the hardware, then windows still wins out in terms of price.
    4) People are afraid of change.
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    1) Actually, Upgrade is $199. XP Pro is $499.
    [edit] Though I used 499---consequently changed--- above as hyperbole I was actually right it appers. Amazon says the retail price for XP Pro is 499:

    2) Apple could easily lower it's price to $99 or below to compete. I said I'd pay $129 because that's what OS X 10.4 cost me.
    3) The Forbes article pointed out that Big PC vender Dell was willing to license OS X which led to my speculation that OS X may be a OS for the masses someday which in turn allows Apple to undersell MS. Remember, Apple turns a profit on every piece of hardware sold. A very narrow margine on off the self OS X could still bring in $$$ for Apple.
    4) People also dislike viruses and spyware. If Intel can convince the world a processor designed in the late 70's is good enough then I'm sure Apple can convince a few people to switch.
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    Good catch. I'm a dumba$$!!! The link you gave is for XP pro upgrade. XP pro is still $299 retail. http://www.officedepot.com/ddSKU.do...oogle-_-Shopping Comp-_-Datafeed-_-Technology

    4) If OS X is available for the HW they currently own then people will be more willing to buy said OS.
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    The cost of Windows vs. OSX right now isn't really that important; if a significant number of people switched to OSX because it was cheaper, then MS could just lower the price to compete. Microsoft doesn't charge a lot because they have to; they do it because they can. That would of course reduce their cash flow, but not to the point where they're seriously in trouble.

    Well, OSX and Linux have done a reasonable job convincing the world that an operating system designed in the late 70's is good enough. :smile:
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    I agree, the current desktop paradigm needs to be re-evaluated. This calls for a new thread!!
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    I need to try the latest "mac"

    When i think of mac, i think of those clunky little machines with the hard drive icon at the top right and haven to hunt down the programs you want....
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    I'd take it a step further.
    All they see is the software they regularly use.... both at home and at work.
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    Ha Ha yeah your right... Touche'
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    Exactly, which is why I think OS X would accel. By standardizing on a seemingly inferior chip Apple has opened the door to the millions of Windows users to try OS X---if Apple chooses to go this route.

    If a huge OEM like Dell is willing to give MacTel a shot I think Mac OS has a real chance.
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