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Oscar quality

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    hi I am new to the this forum
    I do not know if this topic is to be posted here
    I am fan of bollywood films (indian).I do not know if the members of forum have watched or not.
    The bollywood film is emotionally so powerfull to me.I am always fascinated about this.
    It is second largest film industry in the world(as far as i know),but it donot seem to reach Oscar qualities and have not got oscar awards. Does it really meant bollywood films are not the standard international quality.
    The film "lagan ,once upon atime in India" was top five finalist in oscar where actor aamir Khan had acted. Similarly "rang de Basanti " was selected for BAFTA finalist.But it doesnot seems to making a lot after this.
    Can anybody tell how Indian cinemas have to move on to reach the standar quality
    Thanks for advance to all of you people
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    The Academy Awards is an American film award, they do have a "foreign movie" category.
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