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Oscillating Reactions

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    Today I had a school visit to the UCL Chemistry department and was shown an Oscillating Reaction unfortunetly I wasn't able to get the full 'recipe' to re-do the experiment so can someone be kind enough to write them down.


    Would someone possibly direct me how to go on about writing an experiment about the Oscillating reactions, a URL link, or a VERY detailled explanation is needed please!

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    Oscillatory reactions fall under the study of non-linear dynamical systems.

    There are two key-terms of interest in this area (you should Google them for more info) : (i) the Belousov-Zhabotinskii reaction, and (ii) the Lotka-Volterra mechanism

    If you are in high-school, the math behind these reactions (differential equations) may be beyond your scope.

    The following page has a list of resources on the BZ reaction :
    http://math.fullerton.edu/mathews/n2003/belousovmodel/Belousov-ZhabotinskiiBib/Links/Belousov-ZhabotinskiiBib_lnk_1.html [Broken]

    Belousov himself, has an interesting, albeit sad, story. His paper on the discovery of the oscillating kinetics of certain autocatalyzed reactions was rejected by the journal he submitted it to. Belousov took the rejection pretty badly, and decided to quit science altogether. Fortunately, he met a biochemist who was interested in his work, and told him how to construct the reaction. Zhabotinskii (I think a grad student or post-doc under this biochemist) started from there and went on to discover a number of other such reactions.

    nonhttp://staff.science.nus.edu/~parwani/c1/node65.html [Broken]

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