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Homework Help: Oscillation of a bar magnet

  1. Oct 26, 2009 #1
    Please help, if a magnet is displaced from its equilibrium position by a small angle (theta), show that it will oscillate with a period T given by T= 2*pi*sqrt(I/mB)
    I = moment of inertia of the bar magnet and equals M(L^2 + a^2)/12
    B = earths horizontal component of magnetic field
    M is the mass
    L is the length and a its width
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    Is the magnet you're referring to oscillating like a compass needle does (the period they gave looks a lot like the period for the physical pendulum)?

    If that is the case, then suitable method would be to find a way to write out an equation displaying SHM (much like the pendulum with oscillations of small angles). A good way of deriving it would probably be using torque (tau) as tau = I*@, in which I is moment of inertia and @ is angular acceleration.
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