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Oscillation of a Spring

  1. Apr 13, 2014 #1
    I am in a lab class that is suppose to cover the content of the lecture, however this week we are doing things in lab we haven't even touched in lecture. I have been able to finish the entire report, however there is an extension problem on the lab that I'm not sure how to solve, because we have never solved these in the past:

    The scale of a spring balance that reads from 0 to 15 kg is 12 cm long. A package suspended from the balance is found to oscillate vertically with a frequency of 2 Hz. (a) What is the spring constant? (b) How much does the package weight?

    I'm not sure how to factor the spring's length into this because it isn't mentioned what the displacement from equilibrium is, just the natural length. I also know that frequency and period (T) are inverses. From the lab we have the equation:

    T = 2pi√(m/k)

    I'm not sure what else to use in order to solve for both m and k. I don't think I can use Hooke's Law as we dont have the weight or the position.
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    How can you make use of this to find k?
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    Oh stupid me I can just plug in numbers with that info. I have it now!
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