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Oscillation (SHM)

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    I have a quick question about simple harmonic motion. My text states this in the picture attached, and I'm confused as to why:

    w(t+T) = wt+2pi

    I assumed w would distribute out into the first expression. I know this may be a dumb question but please help because it is bothering me.
    ImageUploadedByPhysics Forums1389914137.865893.jpg

    Thank you!
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    hi xtrubambinoxpr! :smile:
    T is defined as being the time difference after which everything is the same.

    So cos(ω(t+T)) = cos(ωt).

    So ω(t+T) - ωt = 2π, ie ωT = 2π. :wink:
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    i see my mistake! thanks!
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