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Homework Help: Oscillations homework help

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    A meter stick, suspended at one end by a 0.502m long light string, is set into oscillation. Determine the period of oscillation in seconds.

    At first I thought this would be a rather simple problem, so I did T=2pi*sqrt(L/g) but apparently this is very wrong.
    Then I tried w=sqrt(g/l) T=(2pi)/w but this seems to be wrong as well.

    But I can see no other way to do this problem using just the length and g.

    Can anyone offer any insight into solving this problem?

    Thanks for any help.
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    This is a physical pendulum.U should be given the masses of the string & the meter stick,too.Something is either fishy,or is something i just don't see.

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    My instructor said the problem is solvable, but yeah, all we get is the length of the string and g.
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    In what way?
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    Do you think your instructor was picturing the string and the meter stick being in line with each other. If so, I think you can solve this.
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