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Homework Help: Oscillations Quick Question

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    A graph resembling that of cos(x) is presented in which x is the vert. axis and t is the horizontal axis. Assume that the x coordinate of point R is 0.12 , and the t coordinate of point K is 0.0050.

    So . . .
    R = (0 , 0.12 m)
    K = (.005 s ,0)

    What is the period T of oscillations?

    I know that a*T = .005 s, where T is the period and a is the fraction of a full wavelength covered over this interval. What is a so I can get T?

    Thanks for any hints.
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    Have you tried using kinematics? You might be able to use the formula d = vit+ ½ at² to find "a" if you mean "a" as in 'acceleration'.
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    That wouldn't be the right way to do it.

    Soaring Crane, you haven't sufficiently described the figure.

    Is R at the topmost point (like it would be for cosx) ?
    And is K the point where the curve first intersects the t-axis ?
    Or are they somethings else ?

    Code (Text):

    *   *
    |        *
    |           *
    |____________ *K?____
    |              *
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    Thanks, got the answer.
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