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Oscillatory Damping high-Frequency Voltage

  1. Oct 10, 2007 #1
    the heading doesnt make sense , huh ?



    i just took it in a lecture , this was the heading , then he the professor said : if a fault happen (SC fault) the circuit breaker (CB) will open the circuit , starting from this point the energy stored in the capacitors (of the transmission line) will increase the frequency of the high-voltage and voltage keeps damping exponentially untill it returns to the supply frequency (50 HZ for example) and then the circuit is ON again .

    1st : when the circuit is opened after the fault , how will the energy stored in the capacitor(s) affect the frequency of the voltage ?

    2nd : what will cause the damping of the voltage ?

    3rd : what is the benefit or harm of this circuit ? and is this the practical way of transmitting ?

    sorry for the bad quality of the photos

    thanks in advance
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